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Anyone looking for a rather more leisurely day out can enjoy a romantic ride in a horse-drawn sleigh or carriage, exploring the idyllic side valleys or the spectacular landscape of frozen lakes along the way.

A romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride across the frozen lake, through the snow-blanketed Staz forest or through glamorous St. Moritz is one of the highlights of a stay in St. Moritz.

Snugly wrapped in furs and blankets, you gaze over the horses’ backs at a landscape of exquisite beauty.

Kutscher Arturo / Clalüna
T +41 79 412 39 28

Kutscher Lampert
T +41 79 272 41 65
T +41 81 833 32 35

Kutscher Motti
T +41 79 681 20 68
T +41 81 833 37 68