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Wide valley

St. Moritz
The stretch of the valley between St. Moritz and Bever is covered by a dense network of winter walking trails criss-crossing the landscape. From leisurely strolls to demanding hikes, there are walks to suit every taste. If you enjoy people-watching, walk across Lake St. Moritz, where the world and his wife is out for a stroll.

If you prefer peace and solitude, head for one of the wonderfully romantic side valleys. And for scenic walks, nothing beats Muottas Muragl, with its panoramic Philosophers’ Trail.

Samedan - Zuoz
This walk leads from the Samedan tourist information centre through the village to the Muntarütsch shooting range, and on eastwards over the Acla Alesch to Bever. Here it is worth making a detour into the sleepy Val Bever (4km/2.4 miels) before embarking on the return journey from Bever to Samedan, following a path that leads between the old cantonal road and the line of the Rhaetian Railway.

More ambitious walkers can continue on from Bever: at the point where the Beverin flows into the Inn, continuing on to La Punt, and, at the junction to Isellas, following the trail on the right bank of the Inn to Zuoz.

La plaiv

What space, what light, what joy! The La Plaiv winter walking trail is one of the most beautiful in the Engadin. It leads from the bridge over the Inn at La Punt along the river to Madulain and on to Resgia Zuoz.

Here you can fortify yourself with a hot meal at the cross-country skiing centre before continuing: first along the right-hand side of the road towards S-chanf, then bearing towards Flin at the beginner ski lift and on to the hamlet of Chapella near S-chanf. Beside the bridge at the end of the village is Cinuos-chel railway station, and across the road, the Restaurant Veduta.