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The Swiss National Park celebrates its 100th anniversary

In 1914, visionaries founded the Swiss National Park, creating a unique natural sanctuary. Today, almost 100 years later, the idea is more relevant than ever: allowing natural processes to run their course unhindered and documenting the far-reaching changes in the environment. An attractive jubilee programme of activities and events gives locals and guests alike varied insights into the oldest national park in the Alps.

Centenary celebrations

On 1 August 2014 – Swiss National Day and exactly 100 years since the Swiss National Park was officially founded – a jubilee festival will be held in and around the National Park Visitor Centre in Zernez, offering a varied and attractive programme of events and activities. Artistic performances, live TV broadcasts, messages from well-known personalities, a wide range of food and refreshments, games for the youngest guests – this is just some of what is on offer during the centenary celebrations.

Open-air theatre against a magnificent Alpine backdrop

From 11 July–16 August 2014, visitors can enjoy 16 open-air theatre performances of the play, “Laina Viva” (living wood) in Zernez, which has been specially written for the jubilee. The professional theatre ensemble will be presenting a modern interpretation of the Ancient Greek comedy, “The Birds”, by Aristophanes, treating audiences to drama, humour and romance. The principal roles are based on historical and contemporary figures from the world of the Swiss National Park; among the dramatis personae are co-founder Steivan Brunies, the first park ranger Hermann Langen, two wayfarers who have fled from the city, and a band of poachers.

Jubilee exhibition

In 2014, visitors to the National Park Visitor Centre in Zernez can make the acquaintance of people who have left their mark on the Swiss National Park over the last 100 years.

Nationwide Exhibition Tour

The Swiss National Park will be taking the wilderness to those places where it is least expected – the artificial consumer world of 17 major Co-op stores throughout the country.