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A prime example of the global trend that hotel and location undergo a noticeable Liaison, is the new IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau in Brail in the Engadine.
NZZ on Sunday December 2011.


Enjoy the sense of just being, in the here and now, at the IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau. An experience for all the senses, a revelation of taste – tempting and liberating – this is what makes the IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau so special. The people running it are special, too.

Nature is the stage and the auditorium – the theatre which envelops this hotel. Time becomes a soothing flow in this magical place. IN LAIN stands for sincere hospitality, fresh and exiquiste cuisine and beautiful moments.  

The IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau – one thousand six hundred meters above the rush of everyday life. Exclusive, authentic, uncomplicated and Engadine-style...

We really look forward to your visit.

Best wishes
Tamara and Dario Cadonau