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A prime example of the global trend that hotel and location undergo a noticeable Liaison, is the new IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau in Brail in the Engadine.
NZZ on Sunday December 2011.



Construction of the Engadine house (unfortunately the exact year is not known)


Birth of Eugen Biveroni (grandfather of Dario Cadonau)


Marriage with Franziska Ulrich, a lady from Zurich


Birth of daughter Brigitta (mother of Marco and Dario Cadonau)


Conversion of the farm into a hotel with breakfast only (Garni La Stüvetta)

The hotel is run by the members of the Biveroni family


Brigitta Biveroni marries Bernhard Cadonau

Brigitta runs the hotel since her parents have in the meantime reached retirement age. (in addition, Franziska has fallen ill)


Brigitta and Bernhard Cadonau decide to give up the hotel and to concentrate on Bernhard’s profession. Bernhard is a dedicated cabinet-maker.


Birth of Marco Cadonau

In the meantime the Engadine house is used as a residence, both permanent and for holidays.


Foundation of own carpentry business


Birth of Dario Cadonau

The carpentry business is growing and so are the children’s dreams. Marco Cadonau follows his in the footsteps of his father and becomes a cabinet-maker. Dario Cadonau is apprenticed as a cook and later completes the college of hotel management.


Foundation of the IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau AG


Conversion of the Engadine house. Three rooms and three restaurants are created.

Dec. 2010

Inauguration of the Engadine house IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau


Construction of an extension with suites. Eleven exclusive suites, a bar-lounge, a hotel garden and complete modern facilities are installed.

Dec. 2011

Inauguration of the suite building.