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A prime example of the global trend that hotel and location undergo a noticeable Liaison, is the new IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau in Brail in the Engadine.
NZZ on Sunday December 2011.

Two Brothers

The brand «IN LAIN» stands for a committed Engadine family – no more, and no less. Its figureheads are, of course, the two brothers who guarantee top quality, each in their own walk of life.  

Dario and Marco Cadonau - two brothers with two different professions and two different areas of business: hotel culture and wood manufacturing  – a strong co-operation. Hotelier/chef and cabinet-maker/wood technician TS are two very different jobs. The underlying philosophies, however, have many aspects in common: at the beginning there is always the careful choice of the raw materials. The selected ingredients are transformed with great professional expertise and creativity into a high-quality end product. Here a four-door cabinet, there a six-course menu.