is very important to us.

As a local family, our high alpine valley with all its special features is very close to our hearts. That is why sustainability is not just an empty word for us. What we mean by sustainability is shown below.

Our New Building

We deliberately wanted to build a hotel that would blend in perfectly with nature and fit into the landscape. The philosophy of the IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau mirrors that of our family business, whose ‘family roots’ are the IN LAIN wood manufactory with 40 years of tradition.
The materials used in the hotel are natural, high-quality raw materials from the region - namely wood, stone and glass in particular. The wood is exclusively natural solid timber from the surrounding forests. Traditional methods were used without screws, nails, with a lot of wood glue and in the high art of craftsmanship with tenons and pins.
One of the family’s chief concerns was to support the local economy, so the building project was realised exclusively with companies from the region. This made it possible to avoid long journeys and keep CO2 emissions low in a climate-friendly way.

Our Power Generation

The IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau was built using the MINERGIE construction method. This construction method is characterised by very low energy consumption. Using 20 geothermal probes that reach around 200 metres into the earth, the hotel can be heated exclusively with geothermal energy. The hotel building complex is equipped with a heat recovery system and controlled room ventilation. Large window fronts were deliberately installed in the new building. As a result, when the outside temperature is appropriately warm, the air in the room quickly heats up accordingly. Excess heat is then extracted via the ventilation system and used to heat water. At peak times, this produces about 1500 litres of hot water without using much energy. The sustainable construction method has resulted in more innovative projects in the region. This earned us the Innovation Award of the National Park Region for our commitment in 2015.

Our Water

Fun fact: We obtain the water for our organic swimming pond from our own spring, which has its source at a depth of 168 metres. The crystal clear water springs from the ground at a temperature of 8-10 °C - perfect for cooling down after a session in the sauna. The pond does not freeze over in winter because the water emerges from the ground with the same constant warmth all year round.

Our Products

All food items are prepared in-house and we completely avoid any convenience products (pre-produced goods). Where possible, we use products from the region, such as meat from animals that have been raised in these mountains and freshwater fish from the Engadine lakes and rivers. The fresh herbs we use grow in our own herb garden. We get our dairy products from our neighbour and from the LESA dairy in Bever. We even make some of the cheese ourselves in our restaurant Käserei. Have you discovered the cheese cauldron yet?

Your Mobility

With regard to the growing e-mobility, we have set up an e-charging station in our car park, which you can of course use to charge your electric car for free.

Would you like to make your own contribution to the environment? Then why not travel using the bus and train - we will be happy to collect you from the Cinous-chel station free of charge.

Your Cadonau family and the IN LAIN Team