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Panorama Trails

The high valley of the Engadin is heaven for hiking. The contrasts that characterise this region are bewitching: gently sloping hills draped with lush alpine meadows stand close by mighty glaciers, towering snow-capped peaks and sparkling lakes. This glorious landscape is best explored on foot – and there is no better way to enjoy the breathtaking views over the wide, high valley than hiking on one of the numerous panoramic trails in Engadin St. Moritz.

Muottas Muragl
This excursion combines the pleasures of hiking like no other: the trip up the mountain in the picturesque funicular, the fabulous view across the Engadin lake-strewn plateau to the Bernina Massif, and finally this enchanting panorama trail, which leads through through pine forests and past gnarled roots of Swiss stone pines, and constantly accompanied by a view of the magnificent Bernina mountain range. Halfway along the route, just below the trail, you will come across the cosy little Unterer Schafberg restaurant, which is the perfect place for a break. The path continues along the slope and through a tunnel. The climb to Alp Languard will leave you a little out of breath - which provides you with a perfect reason to stop off and treat yourself to a piece of cake and never-ending views. And possible also a good excuse to take things easy and hop in the chairlift for descent to Pontresina.

Piz Nair
St. Moritz's «home» mountain, Piz Nair, is easily reached by the Chantarella/Corviglia funicular railway and the Piz Nair cable car. Before descending to the hiking trail to the Lej Suvretta, it is worth stopping to take in the magnificent view of the Upper Engadin lake-strewn plateau. From the Lej Suvretta, the trail leads along the red-marked route on the opposite slope, across rocky steps, right up to Fuorcla Suvretta, where a massive cairn and a breathtaking panorama await. Crossing moraine rubble and grassy slopes, you reach the Traunter Ovas corrie. After traversing the north slope of Piz Trauner Ovas, you cross the Vadret d'Agnel glacier stream and, after a short ascent, reach the Chamanna Jenatsch, Graubünden's highest Swiss Alpine Club hut, in one of the bends of the meandering stream. Here you can take a well-earned break and replenish your energy for the long descent with a delicious, wholesome meal. Thus fortified, you first hike through sparse vegetation along the rushing Beverin river to Tegia d'Val. From here, it is a lengthy walk through lush, flower-filled Alpine pastures and open Swiss stone pine and larch woods to Spinas. Now you enjoy a leisurely walk out of the valley back to Bever.